Congratulations... Happy Motoring - Revolution Driving School Image of Charmane Fitch with pass certificate - Revolution Driving SchoolImage of JOE WHAMBY with pass certificate - Revolution Driving SchoolImage of Jed Moys with pass certificate - Revolution Driving School
4th Jul 2019Charley SprayBroadstairs1st time 4 minors
2nd Jul 2019HollyBroadstairs1st time after intensive
27th Jun 2019MatthewBroadstairs1st time after intensive
17th Jun 2019George Lawry-JohnsBroadstairs1st time after intensive
12th Apr 2019KaneRamsgate1st time after intensive
5th Apr 2019Dexter Ramsgate1st time after intensive
22nd Mar 2019Casey CarterBroadstairs1st time after intensive
12th Mar 2019CJ AyresMargate1st time after intensive
1st Mar 2019Vikki WestleyBroadstairs1st time after intensive
15th Feb 2019Liv GoddenBroadstairs1st time after intensive
13th Feb 2019Finlay McmichealBroadstairs1st time after intensive
31st Jan 2019RoryBroadstairs1st time after intensive
21st Jan 2019JodieMargatepassed
8th Jan 2019Jack PennyMargate1st time after intensive
7th Jan 2019Tomas ErikssonMargate1st time after intensive
4th Jan 2019Jack WilkinsBroadstairs1st time after intensive
2nd Jan 2019AaronBroadstairspassed 2 minors
21st Dec 2018Aimee PeachyMargatepassed 5 minors
6th Dec 2018KieraMargate1st time after intensive
21st Nov 2018Paige GilbertMargate1st time after intensive
31st Oct 2018KellyMargatepassed 4 minors
29th Oct 2018SteveMargatepassed
24th Oct 2018DavidRamsgate1st time after intensive
13th Oct 2018PeterManston1st time after intensive
6th Aug 2018TasCliftonville1st time after intensive
29th Jul 2018Daniel TaylorBirchington1st time after intensive
25th Jul 2018EllaBroadstairs1st time after intensive
20th Jul 2018Ben KyteBroadstairs1st time after intensive
13th Jul 2018Steph ChanningBroadstairs1st time after intensive
20th Jun 2018AnonymousCanterbury1st time after intensive
20th Jun 2018Kirsty FoxlyBroadstairs1st time after intensive
8th Jun 2018ConnorSt.Peterspassed 1st time
8th Jun 2018AlexRamsgatepassed only 3 minors
30th Mar 2018Clover Gem WimbushRamsgate1st time after intensive
23rd Mar 2018ReeceMargate1st time after intensive
22nd Mar 2018StaceyMargate1st time after intensive
20th Mar 2018Keith HawkinsMargate1st time after intensive
20th Mar 2018NathanMargatepassed only 5 minors
9th Mar 2018NathanMargatepassed only 5 minors
20th Feb 2018Jenni Daltonbroadstairs1st time after intensive
22nd Jan 2018Kameron Sabbaghibroadstairspassed
22nd Jan 2018Beth JamesWestbrookpassed only 4 minors
15th Jan 2018MehmetGarlingepassed only 6 minors
20th Dec 2017olliebroadstairspassed only 2 minors
12th Dec 2017VeveWestgate3 minors after intensive
11th Dec 2017Josh JonesWestgate1st time after intensive
30th Nov 2017Harriet ChapmanRamsgate1st time after intensive
24th Nov 2017Jasmine kempMargate1st time after intensive
6th Oct 2017Reece BlazeBroadstairs1st time after intensive
20th Sep 2017Ayron PearsonClifftonville1st time after intensive
5th Sep 2017ElishaRamsgateintensive 2 minors
31st Aug 2017Finlay McConnellRamsgateintensive 9 minors
29th Aug 2017HollyBroadstairs1st time after intensive
20th Jun 2017ShonaBirchingtonintensive 2 minors
13th Jun 2017RickyCliffsendpassed
8th Jun 2017Ethan HifhstedBroadstairsonly 5 minors
6th Jun 2017Jess JevansBroadstairsintensive 5 minors
6th Jun 2017Jess JevansBroadstairsintensive 2 minors
26th May 2017RossBroadstairs1st time after intensive
16th May 2017Chris BarnesBroadstairs1st time after intensive
8th Apr 2017kirsty freemanst petersPassed
8th Apr 2017lauryn hamlinWestgatePassed 1st time
26th Mar 2017sarah brownBroadstairsPassed 1st time
26th Mar 2017micheal whiteheadRamsgatePassed 4 minors
8th Mar 2017AdamBroadstairsPassed 3 minors
25th Jan 2017Ross LakeWestgatePassed
25th Jan 2017Rebbecca SaundersRamsgatePassed 0 MINORS
10th Jan 2017Sally ElliotGarlingePassed 4 minors
7th Jan 2017Reece ManyweathersBroadstairsPassed 1st time 4 minors
2nd Jan 2017floBroadstairsPassed 4 minors
6th Dec 2016RyanDoverPassed after intensive
6th Dec 2016helenRamsgatePassed
30th Sep 2016Toby CotsgroveBroadstairsPassed 1st time
23rd Sep 2016Daniel CorlessBroadstairsPassed 1st time 3 minors
20th Sep 2016Toni ElmerMargatePassed 1st time 2 minors
12th Aug 2016Kirsty PhilbrickMargatePassed 6 minors
12th Aug 2016Steve BebbingtonBroadstairsPassed
18th Jul 2016Rhys BowerbankcambridgePassed
5th Jul 2016Dieter MortonMonktonpassed 1 minor
6th Jun 2016Jay MilhamRamsgatePassed 1st time
28th Apr 2016Amelia AllenMargatePassed intensive
25th Apr 2016Paul HawthorneRamsgatePassed intensive
25th Apr 2016EveRamsgatePassed intensive
21st Apr 2016Tyler McDowellWestgatePassed 1st time
31st Mar 2016Edie BrogdansRamsgatePassed
24th Mar 2016Kris GreenhouseMargatePassed
22nd Mar 2016Poppy KeamWestgatePassed intensive
25th Feb 2016BenoardMargatePassed
2nd Feb 2016SamBroadstairsPassed 1st time
6th Jan 2016BenWestgatePassed
6th Jan 2016Jeaninnine HydeRamsgatePassed intensive 3 minor
6th Jan 2016AlexBroadstairsPassed intensive
23rd Dec 2015Nicola MountainRamsgatePassed 2 minors
16th Nov 2015Arron McCabeRamsgatePassed 1st time
13th Nov 2015Dan GlenisterRamsgatePassed
10th Nov 2015Elly HarveyRamsgatePassed only 4 minors
10th Nov 2015Phillip SpeckRamsgatePassed only 6 minors
10th Nov 2015Phil SpeckRamsgatePassed only 6 minors
6th Nov 2015BarneyBirchingtonPassed
29th Sep 2015AnthonyMonktonPassed 1st time ;-)
29th Sep 2015Adam TurnerBROADSTAIRSPassed 1st time ;-)
22nd Sep 2015Robert CambellPrestonPassed
11th Sep 2015Amy BristowRamsgatePassed 1st time ;-)
25th Aug 2015Rosie EvansRamsgatePassed 1st time ;-)
18th Aug 2015Tom SampsonBROADSTAIRSPassed only 3 minors
5th Aug 2015Patrick CrouchBirchingtonpassed with 1 minor :)
5th Aug 2015Emily CarterMargatePassed 1st time ;-)
22nd Jul 2015Ed BirchallRamsgatePassed
13th Jul 2015Amber WheelerBROADSTAIRSPassed 1st time 2 minors
13th Jul 2015Meghan BeltBROADSTAIRSPassed 1st time ;-)
16th Jun 2015Tim JohnstonBROADSTAIRSPassed
1st Jun 2015Matt ClarkeSt PetersPassed only 4 minors
19th May 2015Danielle CurtisRamsgatePassed
15th May 2015Oliver GilbertRamsgatePassed
7th Apr 2015BethanRamsgatePassed 1st time ;-)
31st Mar 2015Jason BuckleyMargatePassed only 4 minors
30th Mar 2015Phillip QuigleyCliffsendPassed
26th Mar 2015Dilip VariaMargatePassed
25th Mar 2015Robert O'ReaganMargatePassed only 3 minors
20th Mar 2015Roxanne GoodremBROADSTAIRSPassed
9th Mar 2015Harry HiggsWestgatePassed only 2 minors
17th Feb 2015William BrownMargatePassed
12th Feb 2015Jess CharleswoodMargatePassed 1st time 2 minors
4th Feb 2015kirstie philpotRamsgatepassed
7th Jan 2015Luke BatesSt Peterspassed
5th Jan 2015Miriam JonesWestgatePassed 1st time ;-)
19th Dec 2014Carlos ChamberlainBROADSTAIRSPassed 1st time ;-)
16th Dec 2014Ashley ColeMargatePassed 1st time ;-)
28th Nov 2014Callum HumpheysSt PetersPassed 1st time ;-)
28th Nov 2014Callum HumpheysSt PetersPassed 1st time ;-)
24th Nov 2014Nick DolanBROADSTAIRSPassed 1st time ;-)
21st Nov 2014Frankie HarrisRamsgatepassed
19th Nov 2014Abbie NealMargatepassed
19th Nov 2014Katie PhelanWestgatepassed
5th Nov 2014Mark BattersbyMargatepassed
24th Oct 2014Kirsty HutchinsGarlingePassed 1st time ;-)
23rd Oct 2014Jordan GunnWestgatePassed 1st time ;-)
22nd Oct 2014Leon georgioRamsgatePassed 1st time 2 minors
21st Oct 2014Ben CannonMargatePassed
14th Oct 2014Sean SmithMargatePassed 1st time ;-)
14th Oct 2014Bonnie FittalRamsgatePassed 1st time ;-)
9th Oct 2014Ben WestleySt PetersPassed only 5 minors
2nd Oct 2014Lee FosterRamsgate1st time well done
2nd Oct 2014Lucy LovePalm BAY1st time well done
2nd Oct 2014Rukshana BegumWestgatePassed 2nd Time 1 minor
30th Sep 2014Jamie OliveRamsgatePassed
5th Sep 2014Sam TaylorBROADSTAIRSPassed 1st time ;-)
1st Sep 2014Kay CaveMargatepassed no minors
29th Aug 2014Lucy CollinsRamsgatePassed 2nd Time
21st Aug 2014Kirsty DixonRamsgatePassed
7th Aug 2014Shaun RossRamsgatePassed 1st time ;-)
4th Aug 2014Tyler BlaneyMargatePassed only 5 minors
4th Aug 2014Rebecca WickendenWestgatePassed only 3 minors
4th Aug 2014Daniel DixonRamsgatePassed 1st time ;-)
4th Aug 2014George StockenRamsgatePassed 1st time ;-)
4th Aug 2014Ellie WyattRamsgatePassed
4th Aug 2014Jack WoodRamsgatePassed 1st time ;-)
4th Aug 2014Kia AldredRamsgatePassed 1st time ;-)
11th Jul 2014Rebecca WickendenWestgatePassed only 3 minors
27th Jun 2014Phillip cokerRamsgatePassed 1st time ;-)
27th May 2014Darren AllwrightRamsgate1ST TIME WELL DONE ;-)
23rd May 2014Daniel CarterRamsgate1ST TIME WELL DONE ;-)
15th May 2014Sarah GailbraithMargate1ST TIME WELL DONE ;-)
15th May 2014Beth MachinsRamsgate1ST TIME WELL DONE ;-)
13th May 2014George CraigAcol1ST TIME WELL DONE ;-)
12th May 2014Grace GouldingSt PetersWELL DONE ;-)
9th May 2014Kirsty CooperRamsgateWell done
9th May 2014Natasha McNallyGarlinge1ST TIME 0 MINORS
7th May 2014Ella FloydWestgate1ST TIME WELL DONE
5th May 2014Keran GodfreyRamsgatePassed 1st time ;-)
5th May 2014Mark simmondsMargateWell done
2nd May 2014Alice TitcombeThanet1st time well done
23rd Apr 2014Poppy PortsmouthMargate1st time well done
11th Apr 2014Kayleigh HawkinsCliftonville1st time well done
27th Mar 2014Tom SmithMargateCONGRATS ;-)
26th Mar 2014Amy MarshallRamsgate1ST TIME WELL DONE ;-)
25th Mar 2014Toni BevanRamsgatePassed 1st time ;-)
20th Mar 2014JORDAN KINGBroadstairsCONGRATS ;-) 1ST TIME
20th Feb 2014Tyler AbrahamsMargate1st time well done
20th Feb 2014Lydia TannerWestbrookWell done
19th Feb 2014Tom CullipWestwood1st time well done
12th Feb 2014Jasmine SturgisRamsgateWell done
7th Feb 2014Domonic CastleMargate1st time well done
3rd Feb 2014James WattsRamsgateOnly 1 minor
31st Jan 2014AgataBroadstairsWELL DONE ;-)
31st Jan 2014Molly JosephBroadstairsWELL DONE ;-)
31st Jan 2014Isobel CookRamsgate1st time well done
31st Jan 2014Rene KwakyaRamsgate1st time well done
30th Jan 2014Bex CroganBroadstairsWELL DONE ;-)
23rd Jan 2014Susane LaneBroadstairsWELL DONE ;-)
23rd Jan 2014Katie AshbyDealWELL DONE ;-)
16th Jan 2014Diana GrigorjevaMargatePassed 1st time ;-)
15th Jan 2014Bradley DoughBroadstairs1st time only 2 minors
10th Jan 2014Tanya LongMargate1st time well done
10th Jan 2014Katie CarterDumpton1st time well done
8th Jan 2014Charlie PowellGarlinge1st time only 4 minors
8th Jan 2014Andy HurcombeMargateWELL DONE ;-)
6th Jan 2014Max Joseph BrackleyRamsgate1st time only 4 minors
2nd Jan 2014David GalbraithMargateWell done
2nd Jan 2014Rebekah MooreRamsgate1st time well done
17th Dec 2013Cassandra CollierGarlinge1st time only 4 minors
10th Dec 2013Jodie CroxtonBroadstairs1st time only 2 minors
29th Nov 2013Hannah McgillRamsgateWell done
29th Nov 2013Mollie PageCliftonvilleOnly 4 minors well done
29th Nov 2013Beth StaplesRamsgate1st time after intensive
19th Nov 2013Bethanie TurnerHern Bay1st time well done
19th Nov 2013DANIEL BEWICKGARLINGEwell Done ;-)
14th Nov 2013Sam MartinRamsgatewell Done ;-)
14th Nov 2013Sam MartinRamsgatewell Done ;-)
14th Nov 2013Eli VottaBroadstairs1st time WELL DONE!!
13th Nov 2013Hannah NesbitGarlinge1st time well done
13th Nov 2013Hannah NesbitGarlinge1st time well done
7th Nov 2013Ashley MastersThanetonly 3 minors BOOM
7th Nov 2013Ashley MastersThanetonly 3 minors BOOM
7th Nov 2013Gemma CobbettRamsgateWell Done ;-)
7th Nov 2013Gemma CobbettRamsgateWell Done ;-)
7th Nov 2013Gemma CobbettRamsgateWell Done ;-)
7th Nov 2013Gemma CobbettRamsgateWell Done ;-)
7th Nov 2013Alison SharmanBroadstairsWell Done ;-)
5th Nov 2013Angelo BuissonBroadstairs1st time WELL DONE!!
5th Nov 2013Stracey Price ThanetWell Done ;-)
1st Nov 2013Nick ReidelLondonIntensive passed 1st go
30th Oct 2013Emily GrahamMargateWell Done ;-)
25th Oct 2013Laura SmithRamsgatePassed 1st atempt
11th Oct 2013April RyanRamsgate1st time WELL DONE!!
11th Oct 2013April RyanRamsgate1st time WELL DONE!!
11th Oct 2013April RyanRamsgate1st time WELL DONE!!
11th Oct 2013April RyanRamsgate1st time WELL DONE!!
26th Sep 2013Alex PunyerBroadstairsWell done
24th Sep 2013Katie WickerBroadstairswell Done on Passing ;)
24th Sep 2013Red camera logoCharmane FitchRamsgatewell Done on Passing ;)
23rd Sep 2013Frank Brown MinsterPassed 1st atempt
18th Sep 2013KATIE WHICKERBROADSTAIRSWell Done on Passing ;)
13th Sep 2013JAMIE RICHARDSON (CHEWIERAMSGATE1st Attempt! Brilliant!
6th Sep 2013Red camera logoJOE WHAMBYRAMSGATeE1st Attempt! Brilliant!
5th Sep 2013GREGG WARRASRamsgate1st Time - Brilliant!
3rd Sep 2013THOMAS QUAYEBROADSTARS1st Attempt! Brilliant!
2nd Sep 2013NATHAN SPRAYBROADSTARS1st Attempt! Brilliant!
23rd Aug 2013PHOEBE ALLEBONE-SALTSANDWICH1st Attempt! Brilliant!
22nd Aug 2013NIKKI ELLICEMARGATEWell Done on Passing ;)
22nd Aug 2013LAURA CHAMPIONRAMSGATE1st Attempt! Brilliant!
20th Aug 2013Jake VeitchRamsgate1st Attempt! Brilliant!
9th Aug 2013Red camera logoJed MoysBroadstairs1st Attempt! Intensive
9th Aug 2013Kerry HuntleaRamsgate1st Attempt! Brilliant!
2nd Aug 2013Ellie GreenstreetRamsgate1st Attempt! Brilliant!
30th Jul 2013Red camera logoNaomi VignonRamsgate1st Attempt! Brilliant!
19th Jul 2013Jack LarkinRamsgate1st Attempt! Brilliant!
12th Jul 2013Tom KeyesMargateCongratulations!
11th Jul 2013Lewis HardestyBroadstairsCongratulations!
10th Jul 2013Rachel ParkerMargate1st Attempt! Brilliant!
27th Jun 2013Stephen FlowerRamsgateOnly 5 Minors!
27th Jun 2013Red camera logoMiriam AshfordRamsgateCongratulations!
26th Jun 2013Red camera logoAshleigh DixonRamsgate1st Time! Brilliant!
24th Jun 2013Charles StokeRamsgate1st Time! Brilliant!
11th Jun 2013Sian HayesRamsgate1st Time! Brilliant!
10th Jun 2013Sam WoodRamsgate1st Time! Brilliant!
31st May 2013Red camera logoMarion OgessaBroadstairs1st Time! Intensive
24th May 2013Regina SelvaRamsgate1st Attempt! Brilliant!
24th May 2013Red camera logoRichard HarropBroadstairsCongratulations!
21st May 2013Jessica WrightMargate1st Time! Brilliant!
21st May 2013Jessie WrightMargate1st Attempt! Brilliant!
18th May 2013Red camera logoKris KnightBroadstairs1st Attempt! Intensive
17th May 2013Mathew GarlandRamsgate1st Attempt! Brilliant!
15th May 2013KadimeRamsgate1st Attempt! Brilliant!
14th May 2013Keith FaherRamsgate1st Attempt! Extended
13th May 2013Red camera logoDarren BoughBroadstairs1st Attempt! Brilliant!
8th May 2013Kyle GroverWestgate1st Attempt! Brilliant!
7th May 2013Red camera logoFrankie PurchlaMargate1st Attempt! Brilliant!
7th May 2013Megan LongdonHerne BayCongratulations!
7th May 2013Mark WickhamBroadstairs1st Attempt! Brilliant!
2nd May 2013Connor ArmstrongCliftonville1st Attempt! Brilliant!
1st May 2013Ellen PetzendorferBroadstairsCongratulations!
1st May 2013Ryan PageRamsgateCongratulations!
29th Apr 2013Chanel KingRamsgate1st Attempt! Brilliant!
26th Apr 2013Red camera logoShannon BurnsRamsgate1st Attempt! Brilliant!
25th Apr 2013Red camera logoLewis AddleyBroadstairs1st Attempt! Brilliant!
18th Apr 2013Becky ParkerMargate1st Attempt! Brilliant!
18th Apr 2013Amber SeedMargateCongratulations!
17th Apr 2013Jadene BunceBroadstairsCongratulations!
17th Apr 2013Adam ToppingMargate1st Time! Brilliant!
17th Apr 2013Red camera logoSamuel ClarkDumptonPERFECT PASS intensive!
17th Apr 2013Red camera logoDanielle JudenRamsgateCongratulations!
15th Apr 2013Tracey NunesKingsgate4 Minors! Fab
15th Apr 2013Red camera logoBradley NorthwoodMargate1st Time! Brilliant!
15th Apr 2013Red camera logoDemi SwanRamsgate1st Attempt! Brilliant!
11th Apr 2013Joe WalkerMargate1st Time! Brilliant!
9th Apr 2013Jordan LingMinsterCongratulations
8th Apr 2013Craig FreemanRamsgate1st Attempt! Brilliant!
4th Apr 2013Alex BiggsWestgateCongratulations
28th Mar 2013Chantelle CohenThanet1st Time! Brilliant!
20th Mar 2013David StevensRamsgateCongratulations!
20th Mar 2013Corinna WalkerMargateCongratulations!
18th Mar 2013Red camera logoRicky JarmanWestbrook1st Attempt. Intensive
15th Mar 2013Oliver MiltonBroadstairsOnly 2 Minors. Great!
15th Mar 2013Red camera logoSandra MikelovaDealCongratulations!
15th Mar 2013Red camera logoCharlotte AskewBroadstairsCongratulations!
13th Mar 2013Shelley CatonRamsgate1st Attempt! Brilliant!
12th Mar 2013Molly BakerBroadstairs1st Attempt! Brilliant!
11th Mar 2013Mark DawsonMargateCongratulations!
11th Mar 2013Nathan PresleyWestgateCongratulations!
8th Mar 2013Lauren WestMargateCongratulations!
7th Mar 2013Red camera logoJessica SnellingPalm Bay1st Time! Intensive!
6th Mar 2013Emma PowellBroadstairsCongratulations!
5th Mar 2013Red camera logoPeter AddissonSandwich1st Time! Brilliant!
1st Mar 2013William TizzardRamsgate1st Time - Brilliant!
27th Feb 2013Harriet HolmesDeal3 Minors!
26th Feb 2013Dennis FreemanCliffs End1st Time - Brilliant!
25th Feb 2013Chloe MillerMonkton1st Time - Brilliant!
25th Feb 2013Red camera logoRichard ConnollyRamsgateWell Done!
21st Feb 2013Red camera logoKenny PalmerMargateWell Done!
15th Feb 2013Red camera logoZachary HopeBroadstairs1st Attempt! Brilliant!
14th Feb 2013Red camera logoStanford KhualoCanterburyCongratulations!
5th Feb 2013Max DentRamsgate4 Minors on Extended
5th Feb 2013Red camera logoSamantha FriendMargate1st Attempt! Brilliant!
4th Feb 2013Red camera logoLuis CrawfordBroadstairs1st Attempt! Brilliant!
31st Jan 2013Red camera logoGeorge GreyWhitstable1st Attempt Intensive
31st Jan 2013Beth JonesBirchington1st Attempt! Brilliant!
30th Jan 2013Duran RobertsWestgate1st Attempt with Rev :)
22nd Jan 2013Lisa IngWestgateFAULTLESS! no minors!
17th Jan 2013Ellie HumeBroadstairs1st Attempt! Brilliant!
16th Jan 2013Luke PriceRamsgate1st Attempt! Brilliant!
11th Jan 2013Selva KumarRamsgateCongratulations!
11th Jan 2013Wayne WellardCanterbury1st Attempt! Brilliant!
9th Jan 2013Nathan LaneMargate1st Time with Rev :)
8th Jan 2013Red camera logoSophie DyersonSt Peters1st Attempt! Brilliant!
5th Jan 2013Holly ConnorRamsgateWell Done!
5th Jan 2013Rhys WarnerManston1st Time! FAULTLESS!
21st Dec 2012Red camera logoRobert EvansMargate1st Time! Brilliant!
20th Dec 2012Red camera logoTim StallardWestcliff On SeaOnly 3 Minors! Fab
19th Dec 2012Red camera logoBethany BristowThanet1st Time! Brilliant!
19th Dec 2012Red camera logoFiona BurtCliftonville1st Attempt Intensive
18th Dec 2012Mathew HemmingsRamsgate1st Attempt! Brilliant!
18th Dec 2012Mathew HemmingsRamsgate1st Attempt! Brilliant!
17th Dec 2012Oleksiy SokolyokRamsgate1st Attempt! Brilliant!
6th Dec 2012Louisa LathamRamsgateCongratulations!
3rd Dec 2012Oliver GriggsMargateOnly 2 Minors!
3rd Dec 2012Red camera logoLee SmithRamsgate1st Time! Brilliant!
30th Nov 2012Ramco BassiniBirchingtonCongratulations!
27th Nov 2012Red camera logoTara ManningsBroadstairsOnly 4 Minors!
21st Nov 2012Bethany CampbellBroadstairs1st Time! Brilliant!
16th Nov 2012Sofiane FennellMinster1st Time! Brilliant!
14th Nov 2012Red camera logoPoppy WilsonMargate1st Time! Brilliant!
14th Nov 2012Red camera logoBeatrice EvansBirchington1st Time! Brilliant!
8th Nov 2012Red camera logoMathew HazletonMargate5 minors. Great!
7th Nov 2012Joe ConcarRamsgate1st Attempt! Brilliant!
7th Nov 2012Red camera logoEdd AddenbrookeBirchington1st Attempt! Brilliant!
6th Nov 2012Bethany CookeMargate1st Attempt! Brilliant!
6th Nov 2012Red camera logoBendito HuntleaRamsgate1st Attempt! Brilliant!
29th Oct 2012Danielle HarrisCliffs EndFaultless - Perfect!!
29th Oct 2012Megan PennyBroadstairs1st Time! Brilliant!
29th Oct 2012Red camera logoKurt KingRamsgate1st Time! Brilliant!
26th Oct 2012Connor StewartRamsgateOnly 2 Minors
25th Oct 2012Red camera logoRebecca MarshEastryCongratulations!
23rd Oct 2012Adeel SiddiquiWestgateCongratulations!
23rd Oct 2012George MaloneMargateCongratulations!
19th Oct 2012Franck ZiabtMargateCongratulations!
19th Oct 2012Joseph SinclairRamsgate1st Time! Brilliant!
16th Oct 2012Jordan FleetBroadstairsCongratulations!
15th Oct 2012Sam HarnettRamsgateCongratulations!
12th Oct 2012Preethi VijayanWestgateCongratulations!
12th Oct 2012Nazia BokthRamsgate1st Attempt! Brilliant!
12th Oct 2012Emma MeadBroadstairs1st Attempt! Brilliant!
8th Oct 2012Corinne MorleyRamsgate1st Attempt! Brilliant!
5th Oct 2012Red camera logoTom WrightBroadstairs1st Time! Intensive!
5th Oct 2012Naomi WardCliffs End1st Time! Brilliant!
5th Oct 2012Alex FordKingsgateCongratulations!
3rd Oct 2012Red camera logoGeorgia HaywardBirchington1st Time! Brilliant!
1st Oct 2012Holly GroombridgeSandwich1st Time! Brilliant!
1st Oct 2012Lisa BlowfieldRamsgateCongratulations!
28th Sep 2012Rebecca BarlowRamsgate1st Time! Brilliant!
28th Sep 2012Richard RogersGarlinge1st Time! Brilliant!
28th Sep 2012Lewis FoleyCliftonvilleBrilliant Well Done
26th Sep 2012Josh HughesSt Peters1st Attempt! Brilliant!
20th Sep 2012Jodie ClayRamsgate1st Time! Brilliant!
20th Sep 2012Red camera logoChris HuntleyRamsgate1st TIme! Brilliant!
19th Sep 2012Ben SwintonMargate1st TIme! Brilliant!
19th Sep 2012Zoe GrahamBirchingtonCongratulations!
19th Sep 2012Dan PellegriniMargateCongratulations!
19th Sep 2012Red camera logoDonna GroundsRamsgate1st Attempt! Brilliant!
18th Sep 2012Red camera logoOllie MorrisSandwichCongratulations!
14th Sep 2012Red camera logoCarys FieldWest Marsh1st Time! Intensive
14th Sep 2012Faye MackinsRamsgateCongratulations!
14th Sep 2012Daisy RichfordRamsgate1st TIme! Brilliant!
11th Sep 2012Matt RandallMinster1st Time With Rev :)
11th Sep 2012Red camera logoNatalie HarrisonBroadstairs1st Time! Brilliant!
5th Sep 2012Simone MeliaLondon1st Time! Brilliant!
3rd Sep 2012Andrew CharltonMargate1st Time! Brilliant!
30th Aug 2012Lily ConnellBroadstairsCongratulations!
30th Aug 2012Daria HarcejCliftonvilleCongratulations!
30th Aug 2012Amy FennelMargate1st Attempt! Brilliant!
29th Aug 2012Louisa CartwrightSt PetersCongratulations!
23rd Aug 2012Paul O'ConnellRamsgate1st Attempt! Brilliant!
21st Aug 2012Stephen MathewsCanterbury1st Attempt!
16th Aug 2012Red camera logoNikki GilbertThanet1st Attempt Intensive
16th Aug 2012Michael BarnesThanetCongratulations
15th Aug 2012Joe WebbThanet1st Time! Brilliant!
14th Aug 2012Red camera logoJordan StanfordRamsgateCongratulatons!
9th Aug 2012Ian AlmsworthRamsgate1st TIme! Brilliant!
6th Aug 2012Red camera logoTaz GreenRamsgateCongratulations!
31st Jul 2012Victoria DavidsonMargate1st Time! Brilliant!
30th Jul 2012Red camera logoSam GrahamMargate1st Time! Brilliant!
26th Jul 2012Emma LevertonThanet1st Time! Brilliant!
18th Jul 2012Red camera logoRachel SamsonRamsgateOnly 5 Minors Great!
12th Jul 2012Red camera logoAndrew FriendMargate1st Time! Brilliant!
12th Jul 2012Megan PainThanetCongratulations!
10th Jul 2012Red camera logoDean HawesBroadstairs1st Time! Brilliant!
6th Jul 2012Amy WrightBroadstairsCongratulations!
27th Jun 2012Red camera logoElainne FriddRamsgate1st Time! Brilliant!
27th Jun 2012Dean WilliamsRamsgateCongratulations!
26th Jun 2012Dan HoldmanWestbrook1st Time! Brilliant!
25th Jun 2012Gavin ShultzRamsgate1st Time! Brilliant!
25th Jun 2012Red camera logoSteven MartinCliftonvilleCongratulations!
22nd Jun 2012Aaron MillbankRamsgate1 Minor! Brilliant
22nd Jun 2012Charlotte MusslewhiteMargateCongratulations!
21st Jun 2012Red camera logoChloe WheelerRochester1st Time! Brilliant!
21st Jun 2012Red camera logoChanel LaHerne Bay1st Time! Brilliant!
8th Jun 2012Jack CurtisWestbrook1st Time! Brilliant!
6th Jun 2012Paul EngstromMargate1st Time! Brilliant!
31st May 2012Emma BlowfieldRamsgate1st Time With Rev!
24th May 2012Holly SilcockSt Peters1st Time! Brilliant!
24th May 2012Callum PauldingWestgate1st Time! Brilliant!
23rd May 2012Liam SextonCliffs End1st Time! (with Rev)
22nd May 2012Dominik PietaRamsgate1st Time! Brilliant!
22nd May 2012Red camera logoBelynda OBrienMargate1st Time! Brilliant!
21st May 2012Penny WicksMargateFantastic Drive!
16th May 2012Katie CampbellBroadstairs1st Time! Brilliant!
16th May 2012Lisa HoldenGarlinge1st Time! Brilliant!
15th May 2012Gulseren OkurRamsgateCongratulations!
10th May 2012Perry PortisBroadstairsCongratulations!
9th May 2012Red camera logoCurtis BezerPalm Bay1st Time! Brilliant!
8th May 2012Red camera logoJames DaviesWestgateCongratulations!
4th May 2012Adam JonesThanet1st Time! Brilliant!
3rd May 2012Daniel MarrenGarlinge1st Time! Brilliant!
2nd May 2012Red camera logoJack PerryBroadstairs1st Time! Brilliant!
25th Apr 2012Red camera logoSam BoydGarlinge1st Time! Brilliant!
24th Apr 2012Beth DouglasBirchington1st Time! Brilliant!
24th Apr 2012Natasha GletMargateEnjoy ure KA :)
23rd Apr 2012Red camera logoIsobel PlewisMargate1st Time with Rev!
23rd Apr 2012Greg EleyRamsgateOnly 1 Minor - FAB!
18th Apr 2012Marissa McKennaWestbrook2 Minors Great!
17th Apr 2012Robert MarriotCliftonville1st Time! Brilliant!
12th Apr 2012Red camera logoHannah ScholesRamsgateCongratulations 2 Minors
4th Apr 2012Lorraine RutterMargateCongratulations!
30th Mar 2012Red camera logoCassie McIntyreBroadstairs1st Time! FAULTLESS!
30th Mar 2012Red camera logoGareth MuellerBirchington1st Time! Brilliant!
29th Mar 2012Shelley ScribbinsMargate1st Time! Brilliant!
29th Mar 2012Red camera logoSam PalmerMargateCongratulations!
26th Mar 2012Mia ParviziBirchingtonCongratulations!
22nd Mar 2012Red camera logoKeturah AbrahamMargate1st Time! Brilliant!
22nd Mar 2012Fearn PykeCliftonville1st Time! Brilliant!
20th Mar 2012Charlie KyteMargateCongratulations!
20th Mar 2012Red camera logoJordan LaingSandwichCongratulations!
18th Mar 2012Sarah BircherBroadstairsCongratulations!
16th Mar 2012Jodana SpikingsCanterbury1st Time! Brilliant!
16th Mar 2012Mahdi AydanMargateCongratulations!
8th Mar 2012Red camera logoGeorgina WithingtonSt Peters1st Time! Brilliant!
5th Mar 2012Red camera logoNikki NashThanet1st Time! Brilliant!
5th Mar 2012Michael JanikMargateCongratulations!
29th Feb 2012Tom HagueMargateCongratulations!
29th Feb 2012Red camera logoJerry DominicSt PetersCongratulations!
28th Feb 2012Sarah HarringtonBroadstairsCongratulations!
27th Feb 2012Jessica OxleyRamsgateCongratulations!
23rd Feb 2012Red camera logoHarry AshtonMargateCongratulations!
23rd Feb 2012Berrak SumbulBroadstairs1st Time! Brilliant!
17th Feb 2012Red camera logoMichael HayesRamsgateWell Done for Passing!
1st Feb 2012April HoldenWestgateWell Done for Passing!
27th Jan 2012Red camera logoJosh WilliamsonBirchington1st Time! Brilliant!
25th Jan 2012Red camera logoJordan PetersMargate1st Time! Brilliant!
24th Jan 2012Leah HardenMargate1st Time! Brilliant!
20th Jan 2012Samantha KempBroadstairs1st Time! Brilliant!
20th Jan 2012Zara MackenzieRamsgate1st Time! Brilliant!
13th Jan 2012Hollie HarrisPalm BayCongratulations!
12th Jan 2012Karl MeekingSt Peters1st Time! Brilliant!
12th Jan 2012Red camera logoMaria StillMargate4 Minors! Excellent
10th Jan 2012Abigail SinclairWestbrook1st Time! Brilliant!
9th Jan 2012Jamie WebsterSt PetersCongratulations!
6th Jan 2012Tom GoodeyBroadstairs1st Time! Brilliant!
4th Jan 2012Melissa CrettenBroadstairsCongratulations!
22nd Dec 2011Stephanie FennelBroadstairsCongratulations!
21st Dec 2011John DillonBroadstairsCongratulations!
20th Dec 2011Steve AtkinsBirchingtonCongratulations!
20th Dec 2011Jennie LambertBroadstairsHuge Congratulations!
14th Dec 2011Carl OffleyDumpton1st Time! Brilliant
14th Dec 2011Collette OsbourneCanterbury1st Time! Brilliant
13th Dec 2011Laura SmithMinsterCongratulations!
12th Dec 2011Anthony FeeryHerne BayCongratulations!
9th Dec 2011Red camera logoChloe HoggRamsgate1st Time! Brilliant
8th Dec 2011Hannah HoweMinnis Bay1st Time! Brilliant
7th Dec 2011Vicky OsmondCanterburyWell Done!
7th Dec 2011Kayleigh AdamsFavershamWell Done!
7th Dec 2011Red camera logoChris PhilpotBroadstairs1st Time! Brilliant
6th Dec 2011Red camera logoJenny OwenThanet1st Time! Brilliant
6th Dec 2011Red camera logoWilliam EppsRamsgateWell Done!
5th Dec 2011Red camera logoDavid DrayRamsgate1st Time! Brilliant
5th Dec 2011Red camera logoMatt CourbotThanet1st Time! Brilliant
2nd Dec 2011Red camera logoSean QuincyThanet1st Time! Brilliant
2nd Dec 2011Sophie JennerCanterburyWell Done!
28th Nov 2011Irina TvertimaMargateWell Done for Passing!
26th Nov 2011Red camera logoJeremy LawsonRamsgate1st Time - Excellent
26th Nov 2011Red camera logoLouis WilliamsSt PetesrWell Done for Passing!
24th Nov 2011Red camera logoJake GreggThanet1st Time - Excellent
21st Nov 2011Helen EastCanterburyWell Done!
21st Nov 2011Luke FurnessRamsgateWell Done!
18th Nov 2011Gillian HookeBroadstairsWell Done - 4 Minors
16th Nov 2011Nathan FoxBroadstairsBrilliant. Well Done
16th Nov 2011Red camera logoTom EvansWestgate1st Time! Brilliant
15th Nov 2011Red camera logoNathan SyneBroadstairs1st Time! Brilliant
12th Nov 2011Red camera logoAnthony FeeryHerne Bay1st Time! Brilliant
10th Nov 2011Nina GranthamMargate1st Time! Brilliant
9th Nov 2011Leonie FarrallMargateWELL DONE!
8th Nov 2011Red camera logoBen AbrahamsMargate1st Time! Brilliant
7th Nov 2011Red camera logoFrazer EldridgeCliffs End1 Minor - Excellent
5th Nov 2011Ahmed El GihariMargate1st Time! Brilliant
5th Nov 2011Rosie HumeBroadstairs1st Time! Brilliant
1st Nov 2011Daniel SmithBroadstairs1st Time! Brilliant
29th Oct 2011Nathan BonnyMargateWell Done!
26th Oct 2011Tina LoughlinCliftonvilleWell Done!
25th Oct 2011Emma JohnstoneCliftonville1st Time! Excellent
24th Oct 2011Red camera logoTom DarringtonMargateCongratulations!
21st Oct 2011Jennifer MitchellRamsgate1st Time Brilliant!
20th Oct 2011Sara DagleishCliftonvilleGreat. Well Done!
17th Oct 2011Alice HornerBirchingtonCongratulations!
14th Oct 2011Red camera logoNadine WoodRamsgateWell done only 4 Minors!
12th Oct 2011Red camera logoChandra ThompsonPalm BayCongratulations!
11th Oct 2011Zara GarrettRamsgatePassed 1st Time!
10th Oct 2011Shaun LathamWestbrook1st Time! Excellent
6th Oct 2011Red camera logoOllie BanhamWestwood1st Time! Excellent
6th Oct 2011Sarah NewmanMargate1st Time! Excellent
1st Oct 2011Ryan MillsRamsgateCongratulations!
30th Sep 2011Zoe FenningsMargateCongratulations!
29th Sep 2011Elliot ChanningMargateCongratulations!
29th Sep 2011James MusgroveMargate1st Attempt! Brill
28th Sep 2011Red camera logoMiles KasariCliftonvilleWell Done on Passing ;)
21st Sep 2011Neil WilsonBroadstairs1st Time - Well Done!
16th Sep 2011Red camera logoSam KrimgoltzRamsgateCongratulations!
15th Sep 2011Red camera logoDan PettmanRamsgate1st Time Extended Test
15th Sep 2011Red camera logoMax OrrinWestgate1st Time! Excellent
14th Sep 2011Ayyaz MohammedCliftonvilleWell Done!
9th Sep 2011Catherine EatonMinster1st Time! Excellent
8th Sep 2011Mitchell GoodyearWestbrookOnly 1 Minor!
8th Sep 2011Michael JohnsonRamsgateWell done!
8th Sep 2011Melissa DeblingRamsgatePassed with Rev today :)
7th Sep 2011Emma TilletGarlingeExcellent Drive :)
7th Sep 2011Mohammed YousefiMargateGreat Drive. Well Done
7th Sep 2011Red camera logoDarren GoodingRamsgate1st Time - Brilliant!
6th Sep 2011Michael BakerBroadstairs1st Time! Whoop Whoop!
5th Sep 2011Ollie BanhamWestwood1st Time! Excellent
2nd Sep 2011Red camera logoMatt EdgarBroadstairs1st Time only 4 Minors!
1st Sep 2011Naomi IngramWestgateCongrats 1st Time!
1st Sep 2011Clayton HollowayRamsgateWell Done on Passing !!
31st Aug 2011Jordan PowellMargateCongrats 1st time!
30th Aug 2011Nathan DyasCliftonvilleGreat. Well Done
30th Aug 2011James OreillyBroadstairs1st TIme - Brilliant!
29th Aug 2011Tanel LaurMargateCongratulations!
26th Aug 2011Matt OakleyRamsgateWell Done - 1st Time!
24th Aug 2011Yasmin StagemanBroadstairsWell Done on Passing ;)
12th Aug 2011Esmee StirrupWestbrook1st Time - 0 Minors !!!!
12th Aug 2011Red camera logoVicky StamfordDealBrilliant - 2 minors :)
11th Aug 2011Red camera logoLauren JaneBroadstairsGreat Drive - Well Done!
4th Aug 2011Taylor DaviesBirchington1 Minor - Fantastic!
2nd Aug 2011Georgia PhilipsSt PetersCongratulations!
30th Jul 2011George WalstonBirchington1st TIme - Excellent!!!
26th Jul 2011Robert BrownBroadstairs1st TIme - Brilliant!
25th Jul 2011Garry GrahamMargateFAULTLESS PASS !!!
19th Jul 2011PeterRamsgateCongratulations!
15th Jul 2011Carrie NealBroadstairsWell Done :)
15th Jul 2011Jonathan WalkerBirchingtonCongratulations!
12th Jul 2011Louis PrestonBroadstairsCongraulations!
12th Jul 2011Red camera logoSarah HollingsbeeBroadstairsMoved to Rev n Passed :)
11th Jul 2011Vicky DonnezCliftonvilleWell Done - 1st Time!
11th Jul 2011Hannah GouldingManstonWell Done - 1st Time!
11th Jul 2011Red camera logoHannah WinbushRamsgateCongratulations!
8th Jul 2011Darren ArnoldMargate1st Time - Brilliant!
5th Jul 2011Dionne HollandRamsgateGood Luck for Wedding
4th Jul 2011Troy WilliamsSt Peters1st Time - Excellent!!!
1st Jul 2011Red camera logoTom LindsayWestgate1st Time! Whoop Whoop!
29th Jun 2011Naomi SteedThanetWell Done!
16th Jun 2011Jemma WalmsleySt Peters1st Time - Brilliant!
6th Jun 2011Jessica MonaghanThanetCongratulations
6th Jun 2011Jodie SheppardRamsgateWell Done
26th May 2011FaizWestwood1st Time - Brilliant!
24th May 2011Rebecca FennellBroadstairs1st Time - Brilliant!
19th May 2011Laura LaffeyeppeMargateCongratulations!
16th May 2011Katie CampbellBroadstairs1st Time! Brilliant!
16th May 2011Red camera logoAlex GoremanRamsgateOnly 4 Faults - Great!
13th May 2011Red camera logoSophie HarveyCliftonvilleFAULTLESS - Perfect!!
9th May 2011Red camera logoLeah BoroweicRamsgateOnly 5 Minors Great!
3rd May 2011Red camera logoScarlet DarbyThanet1st Time - FAULTLESS!!!!
3rd May 2011Elspeth NedenRamsgate1st Time Brill!
28th Apr 2011Red camera logoDaniel WinchMargateWell Done
26th Apr 2011Wahida RahmenPalm BayCongratulations!
22nd Apr 2011Emily PrevattBroadstairsCongratulations!
15th Apr 2011Georgia GothardWestwoodWell Done
12th Apr 2011Red camera logoAmber DoyleThanet1st Time Brill!
11th Apr 2011Jenny ForsterBirchington1st Time Brill!
9th Apr 2011Kathryn GoldackRamsgateWell Done
9th Apr 2011TaminBroadstairsCongratulations!
8th Apr 2011John BurnidgeWestgateWell Done
6th Apr 2011Christina MooreThanetCongraulations!
6th Apr 2011Red camera logoLucy HarrisBroadstairsGreat Well Done!
17th Mar 2011Zala ZakiMargateBrilliant Congraulations
17th Mar 2011Amber MusslewhiteMargateOnly 2 Faults Brilliant!
17th Mar 2011Sian MaplesRamsgateGreat Well Done
15th Mar 2011Lauren BurnsMargateCongratulations!
14th Mar 2011Lydia BillinghurstBroadstairsGreat Pass!
7th Mar 2011Dhirajsingh RamkissonSt PetersWell Done
1st Mar 2011Jennifer WhitingBroadstairsCongratulations!
1st Mar 2011Michael BrownRamsgateWell Done
24th Feb 2011Victoria MathewsRamsgate1st Time Brill!
22nd Feb 2011AbdullahCliftonvilleWell Done
22nd Feb 2011Emre DincBroadstairsCongratulations!
21st Feb 2011Laura BurnsThanetWell Done
7th Feb 2011Andrew SatterwhaiteThanetCongraulations!
7th Feb 2011Nicki AndersonThanetGreat Stuff Well Done
7th Feb 2011Daniel PercivalKingsgateBrilliant Well Done!
7th Feb 2011Red camera logoSophie CookThanetBrilliant Well Done
7th Feb 2011Martin Dixon SandwellThanet1 Minor Brilliant
6th Feb 2011Laura OsbourneRamsgateCongratulations!
3rd Feb 2011Red camera logoCharna DemantRamsgateHuge Congratulations
2nd Feb 2011Emily JarmanBroadstairsCongraulations!
24th Jan 2011Tara PooreThanetWell Done
24th Jan 2011Johar AshfaqueThanetCongratulations
24th Jan 2011Victoria NewmanSt PetersGreat Well Done
24th Jan 2011Jasmin SextonCliffs EndWell Done
24th Jan 2011Red camera logoBen SheekyWestgateCongratulations
12th Jan 2011Charlie ClarkeMargateGot Your Manual Licence!
11th Jan 2011Reece RyanMargate1st Time - Well Done
11th Jan 2011Megan CarellRamsgate1st Time - Well Done
11th Jan 2011Donna VoughMargateCongratulations
3rd Jan 2011Nester MillsMargateGreat Well Done
3rd Jan 2011Emma MapstoneRamsgateCongratulations
3rd Jan 2011Oksama StylesBroadstairsWell Done
13th May 2002chris brownBroadstairsPassed after intensive
21st Mar 2002tom BroadstairsPassed
24th Feb 0201Ben SuessBroadstairsPassed 1st time

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4th Jul 2019 - Charley Spray - Broadstairs - 1st time 4 minors

2nd Jul 2019 - Holly - Broadstairs - 1st time after intensive

27th Jun 2019 - Matthew - Broadstairs - 1st time after intensive

17th Jun 2019 - George Lawry-Johns - Broadstairs - 1st time after intensive

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